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The CX team’s data ally to becoming a top business revenue driver 

Lang supercharges your existing systems, so that your headcount grows 5x slower than your support volumes. Our data platform surfaces granular insights for accurate auto-tagging and high ROI automation. 

Lang.ai is both HIPAA and SOC2 compliant.

Help Desk + Lang = 🚀

Choosing the right Help Desk Software can be tough, but Lang makes it a breeze on Day 1 no matter which direction you go.
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Make your agents more efficient

With better categorized support interactions, you can automate manual agent tasks like routing, triage, and prioritization cutting average time to ticket resolution.

Drive customer retention with more nuanced insights

Every company is sitting on a trove of customer interaction data. Lang helps you define your own unique CX categories to capture and structure more data than previously possible. Easily generate insights from your data that drive customer retention and surface revenue opportunities.

Auto-tag and categorize incoming support tickets in real time

With your own data language, Lang will help you auto-tag and categorize customer interactions to find new patterns in your data. Easily configure automations based on these insights with  integrations into key CX systems.

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Integrate all of your customer support systems in seconds.

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Visually group concepts that our AI surfaces from your data to build your own custom categories or tags.

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Effortlessly configure automations based on your own unique categories.

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Easily refine and maintain your categories and automations with intelligent tech that identifies new categories as they arise.

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Tony Rios
Customer & Product Operations Lead, Ramp

“When we onboarded Lang, we were a team of 2 support agents, including myself, and just setting up our Zendesk instance to our needs. While we’ve scaled the business massively over the past year, we're always thinking through how we scale operationally without throwing more people at the problem. Lang is able to handle many of the most time-consuming tasks like tagging, routing to the right team of agents and handing playbooks to our agents. We even have leaders from our Product team leveraging Lang regularly to understand what customers are saying about our beta launches and use that to ship our next iterations faster.”

Ben Segal
Director of CX, Pair Eyewear

Lang.ai is just so nimble and has so much potential once you start using it. Out of the box, it took us two days to make automated tagging 15% more reliable than a previous platform that we had had in production for 2 years, with the added benefit that now all of our teams can tap into and exploit our support data.
The marketing team has built workflows to understand key customer moments, our data and analytics team is super excited about having all these new tags in Snowflake and it’s crazy how easy it is to use. We have now promoted a person from our quality control team to work in Lang.ai full-time and she is super excited to be one of the first in their community of Citizen NLP Builders.

Alberto foto
Alberto Iriarte
Strategy and Big Data Project Lead in the Office of the CDO, CaixaBank

Lang.ai has an impressive product that we saw early on could be used as an intelligence layer on top of all our free-text data to create our classification models. The fact that they have such an accessible UI that our CX team loved was a great signal for us to buy it from the office of the CDO so that every business area can leverage it.

We’re also excited about how we’ve been working closely with the team on their governance roadmap as their goal of making NLP accessible is proving that the amount of users and projects can grow quickly

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