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Introducing New Enterprise Grade Functionality and Features for

Stephan Cizmar

Here at Lang, we're building an intelligent end-to-end service automation platform with the intention of bringing customer experience teams closer to the customers that they service. Our mission is fueled by our core belief that every CX organization needs a tailored data model to make AI services more effective and consumable. Since we're handling important, mission-critical data for our customers, a guiding principle and core philosophy of ours is to always remain security-first and enterprise-grade; both of which are at the forefront of our innovation.

Today we're excited to announce our latest product release that entails new enterprise-grade features for collaboration, automation, security, and compliance. This release reflects our continued investment and focus on safeguarding customer data and building the most robust and secure automation platform for CX teams of all sizes and industries. With this release, Lang now meets the highest level of compliance and security standards that enable us to partner with the largest enterprise companies to drive efficiency into their CX processes.

“This is a very important milestone in the company’s history, which helps us solidify market leadership and security posture," said Fernando Agüero, Lang CISO. "Lang is proving itself as a top service automation provider for enterprise CX teams and this product release demonstrates our commitment to the principles of trust, privacy, and data protection on which our customers depend."

Details of the Release:


  • Data Sandbox: A new status for data classification that empowers users to refine tags before pushing them live via our API. This helps increase the quality and coverage of Lang's data categorization algorithm and ensures that no tag is left behind. We will continue making investments into our sandbox functionality going forward to provide robust functionality for our users to improve and refine their data models built in Lang.


  • User Roles: Create and assign view and editor-specific roles for users on the Lang platform to ensure that every stakeholder has the right access and permissions.
  • Sharing: Send Lang filters and dashboards with critical stakeholders with a simple URL so that every department is up to speed on the latest CX trends. This will improve cross-team collaboration and increase data interoperability across your entire organization.

Security and Compliance

  • Single Sign-On: Lang now has SSO capabilities with any SAML SSO provider and specific integrations with key providers like Okta, OneLogin, and JumpCloud.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Security is a constant priority for our team and with this release we now support Multi-Factor Authentication. This adds a deeper layer of security to our platform and is part of our greater data safeguarding strategy.
  • SOC II: We are excited to announce that Lang is Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II compliant for the second year.
  • HIPAA: We are happy to announce that Lang is now a fully HIPAA compliant platform. Efficient CX is critical for the healthcare industry and we're excited to bring our automation platform to patient, payor, and provider support teams.
  • Data Privacy: Part of our security strategy entails Lang having separate servers for US and EU customers; this release also includes a single tenant option of Lang for our largest enterprise customers.

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