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Jorge Peñalva Makes NLP as Easy as Drag and Drop

San Francisco, CA — February 10th, 2021. has announced its completion of a $2M seed fundraising round led by Village Global with participation from new and existing investors including Acceleprise, Oceans Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, 2.12 Angels, GTMFund, and Lorimer Ventures.

Founded in 2018,’s no-code platform enables any business user to build enterprise-ready natural language processing models in just minutes. The easy-to-use platform can be implemented by non-engineers to help teams in automating repetitive tasks, specifically for use cases like customer service and claims processing.

While CEO of Séntisis -his previous enterprise NLP company- Jorge Penalva, one of the founders and CEO of, came to a realization: processes driven by free-text data remained a blind spot for many companies. “Today, millions of dollars and hours are invested by companies to manually read and process textual information captured from disparate areas of their business. Our mission at is to empower businesses to put AI to work for them, without the technical complexities of building and training custom algorithms. Our clients can be competitive in the age of AI without the massive investment it previously required.”

How it Works: Simple, Transparent AI’s product analyzes a customer’s historical data in minutes and suggests AI-extracted concepts to build custom categories through a drag & drop interface. These custom categories are applied in real-time to automate tedious workflows like manually tagging and routing support tickets, processing insurance claims, and dispatching field engineers to incoming work order requests.

Traditionally, when organizations wanted to implement a customized AI use case, they tapped into their scarce pool of IT resources or hired expensive consultants. These resources then built a model and trained an algorithm, a process that takes weeks or months to get off the ground and never truly ends. “Traditional supervised machine learning algorithms that rely heavily on training were designed for teams of engineers to implement and maintain for a specific use case and not for a dynamic environment like a 21st-century digital business. solves this through our no-code, easy to use platform removing the technical burden of implementing AI for a business,” said Penalva.’s offerings are differentiated by the speed of implementation and transparency. The product is based on simple, logical rules using the AI-suggested taxonomy of concepts. This enables the user to know exactly what decision the AI is going to make and that it will be adapted to their company and industry.’s community of users (“Citizen NLP Builders”) consists of mostly non-technical business roles, ranging from customer service operations to marketers, business analysts, and UX designers.

“The future of AI should be about simplicity, not complexity. We aim to bring the power of AI into the hands of businesses around the globe through technology easy enough for anyone to use,” said Penalva.

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Customers and Use Cases

The start-up has had early success with high-growth support teams. Many customers use their Zendesk integration and other solutions across industries, including Freshly, Userzoom, Playvox, CaixaBank, Yalo Chat, and Bancolombia.

“ is just so nimble and has so much potential once you start using it. Out of the box, it took us two days to make automated tagging 15% more reliable than a previous platform that we had had in production for 2 years, with the added benefit that now all of our teams can tap into and exploit our support data. The marketing team has built workflows to understand key customer moments, our data and analytics team is super excited about having all these new tags in Snowflake and it’s crazy how easy it is to use. We have now promoted a person from our quality control team to work in full-time and she is super excited to be one of the first in their community of Citizen NLP Builders.” — Ben Segal, Director of Infrastructural Efficiency at Freshly

“ has an impressive product that we saw early on that could be used as an intelligence layer on top of all our free-text data to create our classification models. The fact that they have such an accessible UI that our CX team loved was a great signal for us to buy it from the office of the CDO so that every business area can leverage it. We’re also excited about how we’ve been working closely with the team on their governance roadmap as their goal of making NLP accessible is proving that the amount of users and projects can grow quickly” Alberto Iriarte, Strategy and Big Data Project Lead in the Office of the CDO for CaixaBank

“What’s most exciting is their vision to enable business users to be Citizen NLP Builders as it opens up a long term broad applicability to any Enterprise use case with free-text data. They’ve proven they can easily grow in Enterprise accounts such as CaixaBank in Spain, where multiple teams are leveraging their product (CX team, Support team, Risk team, Cognitive team…) and we’ve talked to a bunch of customers super excited about the projects they’re implementing.” — Anne Dwane, Partner at Village Global Venture Capital

About Brings No-Code to NLP. The team’s no-code platform allows business users to structure any free-text data with custom categories built through a drag & drop interface, based on AI-extracted concepts. With presence in San Francisco, New York City, and Madrid, Spain, the company works with customers across the globe like CaixaBank, Yalo Chat, Freshly, and Bancolombia.

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