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Product Roundup April 2021

Fernando Agüero

From a new search bar in the Tags sidebar, to a groundbreaking core algorithm update, catch the latest updates from in this monthly recap.

During the last month we shipped some new exciting features, including a core algorithm update that makes creating a project up to 5x faster!

This is a summary of what's new:

🧬 Core Algorithm Update

This is one of the biggest updates since the first version of our proprietary algorithm. Now projects are created up to 5x faster (!) and the discovered intents are more precise.

🏷️ Tagging UX

We included the "Documents with no tags" filter and improved the Search experience. This makes it much easier to navigate through your tickets or documents that are not currently tagged by your models to understand what you are missing and how to increase coverage.

🏷️ Tags Sidebar

There is now a built-in search to filter your tags. This makes it much quicker for teams with 50+ tags to find existing models. We also changed the experience of adding keywords to a tag to make it simpler to understand. The end result is that it is much easier to navigate through your tags and update existing ones.

🎓 Suggestions

When evaluating keyword suggestions (i.e. phrases), the suggestions that already include keywords from your tag won't be displayed anymore. For example, a tag with the keyword “cancel my order” won’t suggest “please cancel my order” as a new keyword to add. This change cleans up some noise and serves you the best and most impactful suggestions right away.

⚡️ API

We included more information in the API to help our customers integrate faster. You can check the up-to-date version of our API documentation here.

We are excited for you to try all these new improvements. As usual, feel free to share your feedback directly with us via email or inside the application chat. Check back for more next month!

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