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Product Roundup June 2021

Fernando Agüero

From a new infrastructure to power, to the added support for multiple API tokens, catch the latest updates in this monthly recap.

During the last two months we have been working on a new infrastructure that takes our platform to the next level. This allows us to scale with our customers while we keep a smooth product experience. With this step we move forward to meet the demands of our customers in terms of data housing. Now it's possible to choose where to host your data between our US and EU platforms.

This is a summary of what's new:

⚡️ Multiple API tokens

API Tokens section

The API section has been redesigned and now it allows the usage of multiple API tokens. We also show information about when the token was created, when it was last used, and who created it. Lastly, the tokens can now be named.

🧬 Core Algorithm Update

This update is focused on speed and the tag matching process we run if you select form fields to replicate your tags when creating a Zendesk project.

🗂 Profile section

There is a new section that allows you to update your marketing communications preferences. This section will be updated in the future to include new exciting features.

🏷️ Tags

It's now possible to include intents and features in the ANDs and ORs selectors even if they are already added in another selector from the same tag.

🔍 Search

Now it's possible to create a tag starting from a query that has words configured, not only intents.

🎓 Suggestions

The loading time of suggestions has been reduced. This will vary depending on the project.

📝 Projects list

We made it possible to select and copy the project ID.

📊 Dashboard

There is an aggregated tags count in the tooltip from the metadata charts.

We are waiting for you to try all these new improvements. As usual, feel free to share your feedback directly with us. Check back for more next month!

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