Lang for BI teams.

Unlock customer insights — creating a data-driven BI team that drives change across the organization.

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With Lang, you can

Automate high-level and granular tagging — revealing the root cause of customer issues fast.

Consolidate all your data in the same pane, pulling together chat logs, helpdesk tickets, surveys, and more.

Perform instant analysis on CSAT and other surveys — informing workflow and product changes.

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Here’s the real-world impact.


Lang data will soon be pushed to Mode Analytics and merged with SKU information to build a more detailed profile of their customers.

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At Pair Eyewear.

78% of all tickets across channels, including chat, email, and calls, are automatically tagged— with 95% accuracy.

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At CaixaBank.

Non-technical teams can quickly build classification models — analyzing and addressing customer needs from free text data.

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How mature are CX Operations in your organization?

Evolve into a top-class CX Operations organization — driving operational excellence and impacting growth by feeding customer insights to Product and other teams.
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