Lang for CX Operations.

Simplify CX Operations — unblock bottlenecks by reducing manual reporting and analysis.

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With Lang, you can

Access granular insights thanks to intelligent tagging — simplifying tracking issues.

Make dealing with triggers and automation easy, creating workflows from trending tags in one click.

Understand customer needs at a meta-level, building more efficient processes and increasing CSAT.

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Here’s the real-world impact.

At Pair Eyewear.

A cumulative total of 200 agent hours saved per week in the CX department thanks to automated handling of repetitive tickets.

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At Petal.

A reduction in agent burnout and the release of additional support bandwidth to focus on more complex customer issues.

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At Zola.

A 95% reduction in management time spent routing tickets in Zendesk, saving 450 hours a month for coaching and strategic projects.

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How mature are CX Operations in your organization?

Understand the steps to become a mature CX organization — moving from a reactive and transactional model to a data-driven team focused on optimizing the customer journey.
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