Streamline support and stay ahead of customer compliance issues

With Lang, scale and bring new efficiency to your support process by tagging, prioritizing, and acting on customer outreach more quickly.

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Stay ahead of potential compliance issues.

Lang helps you define potential compliance issues—be it fraud or identity theft. By identifying them correctly, you can loop in the right team members to address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

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Escalate risky client interactions.

Bring your Risk Operations team closer to the support process. When there are riskier customer contact reasons—e.g. increase credit limit—you'll be able to bring the right team onto the issue.

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Create product-specific priority systems.

Customize how you tag and prioritize customer interactions across product lines, whether its credit cards, loans or wire transfers. Set up prioritization and real time routing systems for each product line so your agents become experts on their area of focus.

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Your benefits after using lang


Automate the ticket tagging process and increase operational efficiency and time savings by up to 90%


The average time required to build a tag, this is critical for the ever changing financial services market


The average percentage of tickets that require review from Risk Operations

In our customers’ words

Walker Nordin

Customer Operations,
Thanks to the Lang FinTech template we were able to jump start our implementation and have relevant Fintech ticket categories to best address our customer needs from day one.

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