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Solidify customer trust with end to end customer support automation for digital-first FinTechs helps companies scale their customer support processes with AI-based tagging, prioritization, and routing that’s painless to setup and easy to maintain


Streamline your support operations by automatically tagging and prioritizing every ticket

Every customer touchpoint will be categorized with the root cause so that you have a top-down view. Customize your analysis for each product offering such as credit cards, loans, mortgages, wire transfers, checking and saving accounts and set up a prioritization system for high-risk issues, and real-time routing to the right team or individuals.

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Bring Risk Operations teams closer to the customer helps organizations stay on top of their customer support requests and brings Risk Operations teams closer to the support process. If there are certain customer contact reasons that require additional review such as credit limit increases and transfer approvals you’ll be able to group them visually and automate routing to the right personnel to address them.

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Automatically flag tickets with potential compliance issues

Automate support ticket routing and send compliance-related customer support tickets to the right personnel to address them and mitigate risk for the business.’s robust routing engine seamlessly loops in all necessary parties to address urgent customer issues in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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Generate insights from customer support data to inform roadmap and product operations processes illuminates the customer's voice by providing a detailed lens that intelligently identifies key concepts and issues. Product organizations leverage this data to discover new opportunities for support and additional avenues for product enrichment.

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Automate the ticket tagging process and increase operational efficiency and time savings by up to 90%


The average time required to build a tag, this is critical for the ever changing financial services market


The average percentage of tickets that require review from Risk Operations

In our customers’ words

Walker Nordin

Support Ops Specialist,
Thanks to the Lang FinTech template we were able to jump start our implementation and have relevant Fintech ticket categories to best address our customer needs from day one.

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