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Your business depends on a great Customer Experience. Make sure you’re not flying blind.
With support ticket volume not showing any sign of slowing down, automatically tags your tickets with 90%+ reliability so that you can avoid manual tagging, routing and escalation.

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Findings from our E-Commerce and food delivery use cases

1. Help E-commerce Support and CX teams scale more efficiently

As ticket volume grows significantly, allows you to automate the most important and repetitive tasks that your agents perform today: tagging your support tickets. Remove human error from the process with a system that you can easily maintain instead of building hundreds of triggers with keywords in Zendesk or Salesforce. Leverage our e-commerce & food delivery templates while customizing to your business needs in minutes.

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2. Proactively identify and react to high-risk customer issues.

Receive real-time alerts and daily reporting in order to identify issues that require escalation where your brand reputation is on the line - missed deliveries, spoiled food, or damaged goods - and make the situation right. You control the type of situations you need to flag in via a transparent no-code platform.

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3. Optimize your real-time workflows to avoid errors and shorten response times.

No need to wait hours for an agent to read the ticket in order to escalate it. As soon as tags it (1 second), you can flag it as urgent and route it based on its content, increasing your CSAT when customers need a prompt solution.

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4. Become a real customer-centric company as your teams leverage customer data.

Customers have no problem telling you when something is wrong or great via a support request. With, each team will build their own tags in minutes. Your Product team will analyze complaints about your mobile app, the Marketing team may identify opportunities to elevate positive experiences and your Legal and Compliance teams will make sure to capture sensitive issues.

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Average increase in support agent productivity


Tags built on average only in the first month


Automated tagging accuracy

In our customers’ words


Ben Segal

Director of Infrastructural Efficiency, Freshly is just so nimble and has so much potential once you start using it. Out of the box, it took our ops team two days to make automated tagging 15% more reliable than a previous platform that we had had in production for 2 years, with the added benefit that now all of our teams can tap into and exploit our support data.

The marketing team has built workflows to understand key customer moments, our data and analytics team is super excited about having all these new tags in Snowflake and it’s crazy how easy it is to use. We have now promoted a person from our quality control team to work in full-time and she is super excited to be one of the first in their community of Citizen NLP Builders.
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