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80% of the information is lost in your customer service software and CRM
Stop flying blind with all the valuable information in support tickets and CRM meeting notes. 
Make your teams more efficient by building workflows in Zendesk and Salesforce with

Findings from our Saas use cases

1. Helping SaaS Support teams be more efficient.

Instead of agents reading and manually tagging every incoming support ticket, helps your scaling team set up a categorization system by combining the concepts that are relevant for your business in a visual interface. Your agents get 20% of their time back to focus on more complex tasks and your Ops team gets the peace of mind that the process is reliable and transparent.

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2. Respond 5x faster to customers at higher risk of churn

Automatically prioritize urgent requests: issues when your customer is in the middle of a mission critical process like an important launch or an error to the core functionalities of your product.

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3. For Sales Ops teams to stop flying blind with notes like Next Steps.

Your Sales teams spend countless hours filling manual fields like Next Steps that nobody ever reads. will automatically process these fields and track real-time data like demo call information, competitive information, and many other variables that are lost to the human eye.

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4. Better forecasting and intelligence by analyzing untapped fields. will help you gain mass intelligence by auditing invaluable notes from Sales and Success executives - fields in your CRM like "Why now", "Meeting notes", "Why us", "Reasons for losing deal", "Reasons for winning deal" - so that you're able to make intelligent decisions in your QBRs and ensure the success of your customers from day 1.

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Average increase in support agent productivity


Faster response for customers with an urgent issue


Of your data now can be activated

In our customers’ words


Montserrat Artigues

Global Product Support, Userzoom
A lot of decisions are based on the KPIs we define using support data. Before, there was ambiguous categorization as agents were analyzing similar tickets with different criteria. With, you’re making decisions with more confidence.

Once we started using, we realized auto-categorization is an enabler for other processes like prioritization or setting up internal notes for agents which has been super useful.
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