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We are an international team based out of Spain and the US. Let's build function-specific AI that empowers automation.
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Remote-First and flexible

We want people to be their full selves when coming to work!

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Principles of how we work
Immigrants are the backbone of our team.
When you or your family had to leave your country and start a new life, it builds a different type of muscle that aligns with our values of empathy (by adapting to other cultures and people) and curiosity (by trying new things).The company was started when Jorge, the CEO, moved to the US. Our team and their families have immigrated to other countries from Argentina, Cuba, China, Ecuador, Mexico, Nigeria and Spain.

Diversity as a strength.
Our mission is to empower 90% of the people that aren’t engineers to benefit from the power of AI. As such, we want to grow our team in a way we are building a product for everyone.

Work isn’t transactional.
We are not coming just to work to perform a transaction, we are humans and are interested in the people around us and their highs and lows from their personal lives.

We are flexible and encourage work-life balance.
Organize your schedule and life to go pick up your kids when you need to, or travel or go see your family if you want to. Yes, we are a startup, there will be fires at some times and we work hard, but don’t believe our company success will be a result of only putting in more hours (like other operational focused companies). We believe our company success will be unlocked by creating the right processes that scale.

We are remote-first.
We believe seeing colleagues in person is important which is why we have hubs (Madrid & Barcelona in Spain, New York & San Francisco in the US) and offsites. But we believe in people first and we don’t believe members of the team should change the city they live in just because of work.

We are adaptable.
As time passes, roles and responsibilities may change, and you may be asked to do things outside of your job description, but we are adaptable and we don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and collaborating with others when needed.


Spain office
Madrid, ES 28008
USA office
San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94122
Spain office
New York City
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