CX Maturity

How mature is your CX Operations function?

Here’s what each stage of maturity looks like for a CX Operations team. The higher in the maturity model you get, the closer you’ll be to being truly customer-centric. Once you’ve figured out where your organization currently sits, you can invest in the right resources to advance to the next stage.


01 — Getting started — Reactive

Your team operates on a reactive basis, trying to deal with the influx of tickets as quickly as possible, with no time to pause to think about improving the process or looking at the data to improve the customer experience. Stopping work will literally mean not meeting SLAs.

Reactive CX teams:

  • Spend too much time doing manual work such as tagging and triaging tickets, which becomes a real slog due to the wide variety of issues and levels of knowledge in the team.
  • Struggle to have a sense of top CX issues as they rely on agents accurately picking from a defined list of tags.
  • Have difficulty finding the top opportunities for automation for their team.
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02 — Building the foundation — Analytical

Your team has started to build the foundation to leverage insights. You use these insights to organize your team to better deal with incoming CX issues. Teams that use automated tagging to categorize conversations will see this value materialize in real time.

Analytical CX teams:

  • Have freed management and agents from time-consuming manual tasks to focus on better customer experience.
  • Have great insights on the top CX issues but don’t have the ability or time to build automation that simplifies the process.
  • Make data-driven decisions about their CX process but may struggle to funnel insights and tickets into other teams to impact other areas of the business.

03 — Transforming insights into action  — Operational

You’ve been successful at building your foundation to derive insights, and you’ve started deploying automation for some of these issues. Your team is looking to achieve operational excellence and has hired a CX Operations person or team. But you’re still mostly looking at reducing costs instead of growing revenue.

Operational CX teams:

  • Have built a process to transform insights into action — to automate how to deal with tickets efficiently.
  • Have efficient routing, escalation, agent assist, and/or conversational bots that help deal with a significant percentage of inbound issues.
  • Lack a proactive way to identify operational bottlenecks for new automation opportunities other than agent shadowing.
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04 — Optimizing automation— Proactive

You know how to optimize your time by focusing your efforts on initiatives that drive the highest savings for your team. You have a data-driven approach that uncovers where to build or evolve your automation programs to adapt to change.

Proactive CX teams:

  • Take a proactive approach to their CX process by focusing on the issues that need attention.
  • Can quickly react to a new product release or change in the market to build new automations that help CX and other teams.
  • Want to evolve from driving operational improvements to driving changes that grow revenue for the company.
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05 — Driving revenue — Predictive

Your team has now become a revenue driver. You can impact other areas of the organization, prioritize CX initiatives that drive revenue, and measure the overall impact.

Predictive CX teams:

  • Can identify which issues are correlated with churn or purchasing behaviors, prioritizing fixes that impact the top line.
  • Operationalize automation in a way that puts revenue before savings, impacting Product, Marketing & other top-line teams.
  • Evolve from proactive to predictive analytics tailored to where each customer is on the customer journey to ensure they have the best experience. This, in turn, drives retention and upsell opportunities.
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