CX Automation.

Lang automates the tagging, triage and routing of inbound tickets — streamlining processes and freeing up your CX team to focus on more complex customer issues.

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Intelligent tagging.
Increase efficiency and productivity for CX teams.

Improved response times.

Quickly and accurately categorize each support ticket, so agents can quickly find the information they need to resolve them — for faster response times and higher CSAT.

Better CX and product insights.

Access rich data and insights to inform decision-making and strategic planning across the organization. Analyze trends, identify key improvements and take action.

Enhanced agent workflows.

Intelligent tags help agents prioritize by giving them a clear and organized structure for support tickets — leading to improved productivity and reduced frustration.

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Intelligent triage.
Cut response times and reduce escalations.

Shorter time-to-resolution.

Reduce average response times with AI-powered routing, allowing for faster resolution of customer issues.

Reduce admin overheads.

Remove management headaches by automating tedious triage and routing tasks, freeing up more time for coaching and strategic projects.

One-touch ticket handling.

Eliminate unnecessary escalations and improve retention with more efficient routing, leading to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

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Agent assist.
Streamline your processes with internal notes.

Facilitate one-touch resolutions.

Improve customer satisfaction by providing agents with instant access to the information they need to resolve issues efficiently.

Cut ticket handling times.

Reduce response times and increase productivity by eliminating the need for agents to search for information or consult with teammates.

Give agents full context.

Enhance the consistency of responses by ensuring that all agents have access to detailed background information and can follow the same processes.

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Email deflection.
Deflect common issues with one-touch email solutions.

Fast track routing with automation.

Save time and resources by automatically routing customers to the appropriate resolution without the need for agent intervention.

Resolve issues more quickly.

Improve customer satisfaction by giving agents quick and easy access to solutions for common issues, with all the context they need for a one-touch solution.

Reduce the manual workload.

Remove the burden of endless manual tasks on your agents by automating a high proportion of common repetitive workflows — reducing burnout.

Smart escalation.
Identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Improved customer experience.

Resolving issues on a granular level enables CX teams to provide a personalized response to customer issues, which means higher satisfaction and retention.

Maximize cost savings.

By reducing the need for costly "make-good" credits, smart escalation saves CX teams money — positively impacting the bottom line.

Higher team efficiency.

With smart escalation, CX teams can quickly and easily identify and resolve issues, freeing up time and resources to focus on other important tasks.

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Your benefits after using lang


Potential increase in operational efficiency and time savings.


The average reduction  in manual handling time per ticket.


Average proportion of inbound tickets routed automatically.

In our customers’ words

Walker Nordin

Customer Operations,
Thanks to the Lang FinTech template we were able to jump start our implementation and have relevant Fintech ticket categories to best address our customer needs from day one.

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