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Unlock the power of CX Data with easy-to-use AI.

Eliminate support inefficiencies and spot granular consumer insights.
Less churn. Better products. More accurate Business Intelligence.

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How does it work?

Customer-centric brands use Lang as their data foundation.

Key results after scaling CX with Lang.


Reduction in New Hires.

Scale your customer support without increasing your team size by using AI to automate time-consuming manual agent tasks.


Decrease in Response Times.

Deal with customer issues 4x faster by efficiently routing tickets to the right team or group of agents based on tags that Lang applies.


Increase in Retention.

Empower your support team to contribute to company growth. Identify and act on issues linked to churn, new revenue or product improvements.

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Ben Segal
Director of CX at Pair Eyewear

"Lang is foundational, everything runs off of its data structure and that data is driving automation for the CX department."

Transform CX from a Cost Center into a Revenue Driver.

Lang Data Operations.

Build the right foundation for your CX team.

Lang Data Operations auto-tags and routes tickets — letting you identify insights and operationalize them into efficient workflows.

  • Automated tagging.
  • One-click workflow automation.
  • Granular insights.

Lang Optimize.

Make your CX team proactive.

Lang Optimize proactively flags inefficient agent workflows and new issues as they arise. Address changes in your market, product and processes as you scale.

  • Intelligent tag maintenance.
  • Proactive workflow improvements.
  • Data-driven approach to automation.

Lang Predict.

Transform CX into a revenue driver.

Lang Predict pinpoints and notifies you of issues affecting key moments in your customer journey — so you can identify growth opportunities and and act on churn risks.

  • Detection of churn related issues.
  • Real-time alerts for customers at risk.
  • Track metrics that matter to your customer.
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Seamless integration with

1-week implementation.
Easy-to-use AI, customized to your business.

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1. Discover

Lang seamlessly connects to all your customer support systems in seconds, extracting granular visual concepts from your data.

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2. Categorize

Group the concepts Lang generates, creating custom categories and tags that are adapted to your business and process.

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3. Automate

Effortlessly configure automations for each category in your helpdesk based on your own workflows.

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4. Scale

Easily refine and maintain your categories and automations with proactive AI that identifies new concepts as they arise.

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