Automation for the Data-Driven CX Organization

Define your data structure with our No-Code platform that goes live in days.
Automate manual processes by taking control of your data.

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A critical piece of your automation roadmap

Fully integrated with Zendesk for one-click tags and automations to avoid tedious processes that are prone to errors like manually tagging and escalating support tickets. As support volume grows, is a key platform in your tech stack.

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Support teams in Zendesk & SALESFORCE

Data-driven and custom to your business learns from your historical data to be fully personalized to your business. Get to the root of the problem with concept discovery. Enable any team outside of support: Product, Marketing, Sales to structure data with their own criteria to drive a customer-centric strategy.

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Customize & maintain tags in minutes

Thanks to our visual flexible approach, you can set up for other processes to save days of work from your team and your customers, whereas its surveys, claims, call notes... Our platform surfaces relevant concepts so that you can adapt it to any process in a fast and transparent way.

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Connected to your existing platforms

Connect in minutes with no technical knowledge required.
Lang for Zendesk Support
Real time data categorization and workflow automation
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Lang for Salesforce Service Cloud
‍Real time data categorization
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Empowering any user
to exploit the power of AI

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We surface key relevant concepts only from your own private data using unsupervised AI.

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You decide which concepts are relevant for your business and group them into tags that will apply in real time.

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Our platform works in real time to tag your data instantly and surface new concepts so that you focus on serving your customers.

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Instant connection to your data and transparent results in minutes with no need of any technical knowledge.

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Montserrat Artigues
Montserrat Artigues, Global Product Support, Userzoom

“A lot of decisions are based on the KPIs we define using support data. Before, there was ambiguous categorization as agents were analyzing similar tickets with different criteria.

With, you’re making decisions with more confidence.

Once we started using, we realized auto-categorization is an enabler for other processes like prioritization or setting up internal notes for agents which has been super useful”

Ben Segal
Director of Infrastructural Efficiency, Freshly is just so nimble and has so much potential once you start using it. Out of the box, it took us two days to make automated tagging 15% more reliable than a previous platform that we had had in production for 2 years, with the added benefit that now all of our teams can tap into and exploit our support data.
The marketing team has built workflows to understand key customer moments, our data and analytics team is super excited about having all these new tags in Snowflake and it’s crazy how easy it is to use. We have now promoted a person from our quality control team to work in full-time and she is super excited to be one of the first in their community of Citizen NLP Builders.

Alberto foto
Alberto Iriarte
Strategy and Big Data Project Lead in the Office of the CDO, CaixaBank has an impressive product that we saw early on could be used as an intelligence layer on top of all our free-text data to create our classification models. The fact that they have such an accessible UI that our CX team loved was a great signal for us to buy it from the office of the CDO so that every business area can leverage it.

We’re also excited about how we’ve been working closely with the team on their governance roadmap as their goal of making NLP accessible is proving that the amount of users and projects can grow quickly

How is Lang different to other solutions

No AI knowledge to set up
Immediate results
from your data

Adaptable and
easy to change
Word clouds or keywords

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Need to remember all triggers and keywords are limited
Other AI tools

Require "AI training"
~30-75 days training

AI is not transparent. You need to keep re-training logo

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