Data-driven automations to scale support

Auto-prioritization, better skill-based routing and live internal notes for agents in Zendesk. Let Lang help supercharge your support team, thanks to our AI engine that tags tickets in real-time

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Greater efficiency that leads to better CSAT

Constantly measure which issues are more costly for your team and build automations to reduce your reply time and as a result your NPS and churn, saving money along the way.

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any process with calls, tickets, chats or surveys

Personalize Lang in minutes to fit your operations' needs

Lang tags can be adapted at a fraction of the cost of engineers. Our platform surfaces what's relevant so that our users can adapt their process in a fast and transparent way. No more waiting for engineers to solve your problems!


A data-driven approach based on your data

Don't overlook potential customer problems, bugs or product requests. Build dashboards in minutes from your support tickets, calls, chats or surveys so that you can audit your processes. Maintain your quality even if your team is remote.

Connected to your existing platforms

Connect in minutes with no technical knowledge required.
Zendesk for Zendesk Support.
Real time ticket tagging.
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Empowering business teams
to compete in the age of AI


We surface key relevant concepts only from your own private data using unsupervised AI.


You decide which concepts are relevant for your business and group them into tags that will apply in real time.


Our platform works in real time to tag your data instantly and surface new concepts so that you focus on serving your customers.


Instant connection to your data and transparent results in minutes with no need of any technical knowledge.

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Roberto Tamayo
Social Media Manager at Vodafone

“We can understand, among the user's main conversational topics, which are the trending ones and prioritize its resolution based on's assigned tags.”

Jose Ángel Valles
Telesales Manager at Vodafone

“'s technology allows us to automate the classification of our new customer calls. At the same time, we can improve the commercial skills of our agents, based on the analysis. Now our processes are more efficient and profitable for the company while we improve our customer experience.”

Iván Cruz
CTO at Yalo Chat

“It helps us to reduce back-office costs because we can filter data that we don't need to tag. It also helps to design our tagging job in a faster way as we can have an overview of a dataset.”

Miguel Ángel Cordobés
Head of BI, Telefónica Business Solutions

“From our point of view,'s tool is very interesting because it can be managed from non-technical (i.e. AI engineers) areas. This is a quality leap because our current text analytics tools are used by data scientist teams. With, we can progress in the data-driven transformation because we can extend insights generation to the business units that with Lang can now focus on improving and automating their processes.”

How is Lang different to other solutions

No need for coding or AI knowledge to set it up
Learns and surfaces patterns from your own data without days training the system
Covers a high percentage of tickets with accurate results
Analysis with keywords
Tag tickets/calls with keywords
Inaccurate results
(can't capture language nuances)
Automated disposition
Help center disposition

Low % of coverage (only most common situations trained)

Automated tagging of tickets/
surfacing new tags
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