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Increase trust in your CX insights and automations

The AI for real-time CX insights tailored to your business complexity.

Build trusted AI workflows beyond chatbots and make decisions backed with accurate, granular insights.

Two persons trusting ai and magic

Your business is complex. Your helpdesk and chatbot won’t solve all your CX problems.

chatbot lost

Your team is still doing too much manual work on emails or tickets that aren’t deflected by your chatbot.

agent not good

You can’t operate at scale without agent specialization but you’re limited by manual triaging in your helpdesk.

Your CX insights are too surface level to drive product decisions so the impact of CX is capped.

VoC for the new age of AI

Increase automation beyond your chatbot

Intelligent triage of complex requests in real-time with the granularity you need

Email automation of one touch issues with a one click connector to your helpdesk

Continuous improvement of your chatbot by identifying growing contact reasons

Drive decisions based on relevant & accurate CX insights

Granular tagging with categories adapted to the nuances of your business

Proactive email & slack alerts for growing topics

Automated discovery of new topics in your data

Enable Product & other teams to leverage VoC

Always synchronized and reliable data in your Data Warehouse

Custom taxonomies for product & other teams

Shareable reports based on querying your customer data.

Seamless integration with Zendesk & other helpdesks

Trusted AI that protects your most valuable asset -- your data.

Data privacy

Your data is private. Period. Lang will never use your data to train AI models for other customers. This is so important to us, it's even in our terms of use.


Security for regulated industries

SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant. LLM optionality to ensure compliance.


AI you can control

Built for control and transparency that is critical when dealing with customer data. 5 years of experience in AI for customer insights.

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