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We'll Get Back to You - Lang's First Reply Time Report is out!

Achkan Chavoushi

In CX, understanding industry benchmarks is key to staying ahead. Our latest report offers a  deep dive into the current state of customer support across various industries.

A Snapshot of the Report:

  1. The Impact of AI and Technology: Explore how companies are integrating chatbots and other technologies to enhance response times and customer satisfaction.
  2. Industry-Specific Insights: We've broken down response times by industry, revealing which sectors excel and which face challenges.
  3. Company Attributes and Response Efficiency: Discover how factors like company size, funding, and team size influence customer support efficiency.
  4. Real-World Data: Our findings are based on real test emails sent to various companies, combined with detailed analytics, providing you with relevant and actionable insights.

Why This Report Matters:

Our report is concise but packed with crucial insights. Whether you're a customer support leader, a strategist, or simply keen on industry trends, this report is an invaluable resource.

Ready to dive in? Click the button below to download the full report and begin your journey toward customer support excellence.

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