CX Insights.

Lang delivers valuable real-time insights that allow you to understand and act on customer sentiment — driving product improvements and focusing CX resources more effectively.

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Voice of the customer. Understand VOC with real-time insights and actionable trends.

Improved customer experience.

With voice-of-the-customer insights provided by Lang, CX teams can quickly identify and address customer concerns, meaning higher satisfaction and retention.

Enhanced decision-making.

Access and analyze actionable trends and insights, allowing your CX team to make more informed, data-driven decisions and prioritize resources.

Increased efficiency.

By simplifying the process of gathering and acting on customer feedback, Lang saves agent time and resources, freeing them up to focus on other important tasks.

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Product insights.
Mine customer conversations for actionable product insights.

Dig deep on common issues.

The insights into customer sentiment and thinking that Lang provides give your product team a deeper understanding of the factors behind each issue.

Data-driven product decisions.

By incorporating insights from customer support tickets, you can ensure alignment between your product strategy and real-world customer needs.

Respond to user feedback.

Get immediate access to auto-categorized feedback on newly launched products and features without needing to go via the customer support team.

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CSAT analysis.
Analyze customer sentiment from new angles.

Single pane of glass.

See all customer insights and data across the whole project and analyze through the same lens for more informed comparisons and strategic takeaways.

Granular analysis.

Accurately determine which customer issues are agent-related vs product-related, and access clear insights on the pros and cons of each product feature.

Link data to actions.

Correlate topics and themes that drive CSAT scores, allowing your product team to focus its resources where they will have the greatest impact on your customer experience.

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Chatbot improvement.
Pinpoint issues or bottlenecks in your chatbot flows.

Analyze user journeys.

Map the chatbot flows customers are struggling with and get insights to help improve the customer journey — reducing throughput times.

Understand customer sentiment.

Automatically tag and route customer conversations based on sentiment analysis, ensuring angry or frustrated customers get prompt support.

360º view of customer behavior.

Understand how and why customers are using your chatbot and compare chatbot usage to the actions they take via other communications channels.

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Escalations & QA analysis.
Solve coaching issues before they become habits.

Understand why customers escalate.

Tag, track, and analyze customer reasons for escalations — allowing you to spot and respond to common patterns or trends.

Map escalation journeys.

Lang’s insights help establish if customers are taking the “easy route” to escalations — so you can redesign your CX flows to deliver effective resolutions sooner.

Reduce escalation requests.

Lang's automated sentiment and content analysis routes and prioritizes tickets based on the severity of the issue and customer emotion — avoiding costly escalations.

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Customer Operations,
Thanks to the Lang FinTech template we were able to jump start our implementation and have relevant Fintech ticket categories to best address our customer needs from day one.

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