CX Insights

Drive decisions based on relevant & accurate CX insights

Granular tagging

Dive deeper into insights tailored to your business, informing decisions you can trust.

Build Tags Efficiently: Easily define transparent and granular tags.

Gain context to get to the root cause: Associate key information like customer tier or region to pinpoint the root of the issue


Proactive alerts

Stay ahead with proactive email and Slack notifications about emerging topics.

Detailed Alert Context: Receive alerts that provide both context and granularity regarding the nature of the issue.

Seamless Integration: Fully integrated with both email and Slack for timely notifications

Automated new topic discovery

Keep your taxonomy current with automated detection of new topics in your CX data.

Taxonomy Always Up-to-Date: Detect new topics outside your existing taxonomy, especially when introducing new products or services.

Spot Arising Issues: Identify granular issues on the rise that require attention.

VoC for other teams

Empower Product and other teams to maximize value from client interactions.

Tailored for Each Team: Offer custom and distinct taxonomies for product teams and beyond.

Data Connected to Your BI: Ensure reporting continuity in your established BI platform, as data syncs via a webhook with your Data Warehouse.

Your benefits after using lang


Potential increase in operational efficiency and time savings.


The average reduction  in manual handling time per ticket.


Average proportion of inbound tickets routed automatically.