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We believe AI will replace tasks, not jobs. As such, our mission is to empower business users to be competitive in the age of AI.
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We don’t believe that bots will substitute agents.
We believe in specialized agents that can solve complex problems.

We don’t believe in agents doing boring repetitive tasks to make the AI better in high-level problems.
We believe in the AI working for high-level agents to do the boring repetitive tasks.


Jorge Peñalva
CEO, Co-Founder
Enrique Fueyo
CTO, Co-Founder, Madrid Office Leader
Borja González
Sales, Co-Founder
Basil Polsonetti
COO, Co-Founder
Henry Anaya
PhD, Head of Data Science
Alberto Ezpondaburu
Data Scientist
Fernando Agüero
Technical Product Manager
Elisa Lázaro
Product Designer
David Álvarez
Front-End Developer
Estefanía Meima
HR Manager
Eduardo Vicente
Manager in Spain
Build with us
We are always looking for talented team players to join us!

Advisors and investors

Xavier Amatriain
PhD, Advisor

Founder at Curai, ex VP Engineering at Quora

Rafael Camargo
Advisor and investor

VP Building 8 at Facebook

Tim Bender
Advisor and investor

NVIDIA VP Worldwide Consumer and Business Development

Rachel Obstler

VP product, PagerDuty

500 Startups
Seed Investor

500 Startups is an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded in 2010

Ignacio Vilela
Strategy advisor

Founder Startcaps Ventures, Junipero VC, ex manager at Workday Ventures

Elena González-Blanco

GM Europe Coverwallet

Seed investor

Venture Capital B2B Deeptech fund

Cultural values

Invention is in our roots

We understand the problem and then create the solution

The core of our technology is built in house, and based in unsupervised Machine Learning. That impregnates every team as the results are not structured and new by default, so we need to create new visualizations, product ideas, or code. We are inventing, creating, and thinking outside of the box to solve a problem, not applying current tools because the rest of the world is using them. When we say Machine Learning, we are not talking about Tensorflow, and when we say NLP, we are not talking about BERT.

We are empathetic

By listening and communicating transparently

We listen to each other and the ones around us, we want to hear the difficulties and the wins people experience. That requires open communication and transparency.

Everyone in the team is encouraged to attend customer meetings to better understand our customers’ needs and challenges.

Every month there is a 1-on-1 meeting with one of the cofounders, every week there is an all-hands session.

We move fast by trial and error

Once we've listened, we get stuff done

Once we've taken notice of a problem and we think we have a solution, we move quickly. Change is not a problem. Every team builds prototypes, algorithms, ideas that never see the light or that we eventually discard, and it doesn't matter. We are building something new, so mistakes are allowed and not punished.

We trust each other

To do the right thing

Every person takes responsibility for their job, and the rest of the team trust they'll do it. We have an office, but you can organize your own time, there are no specific schedules or meetings you have to attend every day. We trust each other to be adults and we are flexible to accommodate everyone’s personal life.

Open Positions

Software Engineer

Join the product team to help us take our Enterprise platform to the next level.


Spain HQ
Gran Vía 62, 6º Izquierda
Madrid, ES 28013
USA Office

Jorge Peñalva
San Francisco, CA 94103