"Lang is foundational, everything runs off of its data structure and that data is driving automation for the CX department."

Pair Eyewear

Lang is the Foundation of Pair Eyewear's High Performing CX Team

The Challenge

In an effort to keep up with their rapid growth and success Pair Eyewear invested in CX automation to help scale their support department.

The Outcome

With Lang Pair Eyewear was able to empower their agents to focus on their customer needs rather than being burdened by time consuming and manual agent tasks. Lang's robust analytics provide Pair Eyewear with organizational agility through real time insights on what customers are asking about across all support channels.

Key Results

  • Cumulative of 200 agent hours saved per week with Lang automations
  • 94% tagging accuracy
Customer Experience is a Cornerstone of Pair Eyewear's Digital Strategy

Pair Eyewear is an innovative direct to consumer brand that is reimagining eyeglasses with a customizable offering that allows customers to swap out tops for their eyeglasses. Pair was founded by Sophia Edelstein and Nathan Kondamuri on the simple idea that eyeglasses should be an extension of fashion and personal expression rather than a medical accessory. With their offering, Pair's customers purchase base frames and attach styled "tops" to their eyeglasses to change their look. The company releases limited edition tops each month and has licensing agreements with notable brands like Sesame Street, Marvel, and major league sports associations like the NHL and NBA. The company has experienced rapid growth since their founding and has been investing in customer experience as a cornerstone of their digital strategy and differentiation.

Lang is the Foundation of Pair's High Performing CX Team

Ben Segal, Senior Director of CX, was hired as a key member of Pair's leadership team to create a best-in-class customer experience organization. With Pair's rabid following and skyrocketing brand, Ben came on with a keen focus on making sure that every support interaction with Pair left customers with the best experience possible. "In today's competitive eCommerce market, providing great customer experience is table stakes, and we are seeing a more informed customer with higher expectations and they are quick to leave a brand if they have a poor customer support interaction." says Ben. "Our goal as an organization is to surprise and delight our customers and ensure that every interaction with Pair leaves them with a positive impression of our brand." To achieve this, Ben's core strategic focus is to augment the effectiveness of his agents with technology and automation; as he puts it, his goal is "to make the lives of Pair's agents easier on the administrative tasks associated with support so that they can focus more time and attention on solving customer needs." With this in mind, Lang was one of the first tools that Ben purchased when building out his technical stack because of the value it provided through the automation of ticket tagging, routing, and escalations. Tasks that used to take up to 90 seconds per ticket are now fully automated freeing up time for agents to focus on their customers and cumulatively Lang's automations are saving Pair's CX department 200 hours a week.

Today Pair's CX organization is the fastest growing department in the company. Ben is hyper focused on new agent enablement to ensure that the high quality of service that his team is providing scales as the organization grows. From a training standpoint, Lang empowers Ben to focus his agent enablement strategy on the customer. He does not worry about the technical skills because Lang is automating the tedious and manual tasks associated with case handling. As Ben puts it, "every service interaction is a teachable moment to further educate the customer on the values and benefits of Pair" and Lang helps agents devote focus to that core concept because they are not bogged down by administrative tasks when handling support issues.

Pair uses Lang's Insights to Drive Automation and Key Strategic Decisions

Within Pair, Lang's ticket categorization is consistently 94-95% accurate; a data point that was a key part of Pair's purchasing decision because of how important data quality is for high performing CX teams. "I need to have confidence in our tags and case data so that I can make critical decisions to optimize our support processes and rapidly iterate our customer strategy" says Ben. Prior to using Lang, Pair did not have a view on what customers were asking across their various support channels. Lang helped Pair directly address this and today the platform is tagging 78% of all tickets across channels like chat, email, and calls. With Lang's analytics, Ben and the Pair leadership team now have a complete view of what their customers are asking for and can analyze trending support topics in real time. This substantially increased organizational agility and helps drive data informed decisions across the CX organization.

Pair Considers Lang a Key Part of their Tech Stack and Long Term CX Strategy

While Pair has been able to gain significant value from Lang, they're just getting started on their automation strategy. Ben notes that going forward he is going to bring additional teams into Lang to leverage the platform's insights capabilities. "We're looking forward to merging Lang's analytics with our customer data sources in Looker to provide a holistic view of our customers" says Ben when explaining his future roadmap. With their innovative offering, Pair is well on its way to creating a new category and building an iconic brand. With the high standard of excellence in CX that Ben helped establish, they now have a competitive edge that has potential to turn customer support interactions into brand advocacy. Lang is a core part of the technology stack and, as Ben puts it, "Lang is foundational, everything runs off of its data structure and that data is driving automation for the CX department and helping us achieve our goals."