"Lang is helping us make better decisions with robust insights and data"


Lang is the Foundation for NØIE’s Data Driven Organization


  • NØIE, a fast scaling direct-to-consumer skincare company, was looking to analyze the topics that its customers were talking about within its community and care channels.
  • Lang is the foundation of NØIE’s customer support and feedback processes and with Lang NØIE is able to analyze qualitative customer data with a quantitative perspective.
  • Insights generated from Lang have helped NØIE establish data-driven processes and feedback loops across multiple departments within the organization, ranging from customer care to community to insights.

Key Results

  • A unified reporting process for qualitative topic analysis across all community feedback and care channels
  • 89% reduction in average resolution time for Community Care Team

About NØIE

NØIE is an emerging direct-to-consumer skincare company that leverages an algorithmic based process to create personalized skincare products. The company is disrupting the outdated one-size-fits-all approach that has dominated the dermatology and skincare industries by providing personalization at scale. New customers are issued a survey that generates a Skin Profile which details all of the essential ingredients that address their specific skincare needs; NØIE then uses this profile to create products that are tailored to each customer. The approach has had strong success to-date with over 78% of customers stating that they’ve experienced an improvement with their skin after 30 days. The company, originally founded in 2018, has been rapidly growing and recently raised a Series A financing.

The Challenge

NØIE deploys a community centered system to help refine its product development and personalization processes. Customer feedback gathered from the community is analyzed and ultimately this data helps create more precise product offerings. As NØIE rapidly expanded their customer base, the sheer volume of feedback data quickly outgrew the processes they had put in place to generate insights. “As a company we obsess over customer feedback” said Emma Krohg, NØIE’s Community and Market Insights Manager “and as we grew we quickly realized that we needed a tool to help us better understand what our customers were talking about. Our team was conducting a manual weekly analysis on our customer data and wasn’t able to quantify the most common customer requests and trending topics.”

The Outcome

Emma and the NØIE team initially purchased Lang as a tool to analyze community feedback coming through their Zendesk instance. With Lang’s robust data functionality NØIE’s Community Management Team was able to quantify the qualitative feedback its customers were providing in real time and feed this information back to other teams like Product and R&D to further refine their offerings. Emma and the NØIE team quickly expanded Lang’s use case to their Community Care team and started analyzing data from their customer support channels for additional insights and customer feedback. With automations built in Lang, the Community Care Team was able to cut down its first response time by 89% and today every ticket coming through their team is now automatically categorized, assigned a priority, and routed to the team/stakeholder who can best solve it, drastically increasing the team’s overall productivity.

The Community Care Team is also using Lang as a Voice of the Customer (VoC) tool to evaluate the severity and prevalence of issues coming through support channels. Emma recounted a specific instance where Operations wanted to know if customers had feedback or issues on a recent size change for a cleanser; using Lang the Community Care Team was able to quickly confirm that the size change was in fact a non-issue with their customer base.

Today insights from Lang are leveraged by the Community Care, Product Development, Sustainability and Marketing teams to quickly measure customer feedback and spot trends from customers in multiple languages. The data generated from Lang helps guide NØIE’s product development and customer experience, empowering the organization to be more customer-centric and efficient. A specific example of this is how NØIE uses trending topics surfaced from Lang to inform their customer FAQs ultimately making them more pointed and relevant for customers looking for specific answers to their products and offerings. “Lang is helping us make better decisions with insights and data” said Emma when describing the platform’s impact on NØIE. “We have multiple departments using Lang and it has become our go-to reporting tool for customer feedback and analysis.”

The Future

NØIE is just getting started with Lang and Emma noted that several new teams ranging from “Sustainability to Data Science will be using Lang this year to generate insights and measure customer feedback for their respective functions.” Emma and team are also working to bring more data sources and feedback channels like customer surveys and social media into Lang. Highlighting a big project for this year, NØIE is planning to send insights from Lang to Mode Analytics, their BI Platform, to be merged with SKU information to get a more detailed profile of their customers. “We have a lot of plans for Lang in 2022 and we feel that the platform as a whole has made our entire organization more data-driven” said Emma, “this is just the beginning.”