Lang for Product Teams.

Build a product-centered organization — evolving your product based on real-time access to customer thinking.

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With Lang, you can

Create your own taxonomy for tagging support tickets, independent of input from the CX team.

Receive immediate customer feedback on new product launches — feeding into your update roadmap.

Get instant alerts on new product feedback or other activity peaks, helping you spot trends and predict demand.

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Here’s the real-world impact.

At Zola.

10 successful product releases a month as a result of specific customer feedback examples their CX team has identified and reported.

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At Novo.

Increased retention and revenue thanks to data-driven predictions on the ROI impact of service and product changes.

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At CaixaBank.

Lang is being leveraged by 7 different lines of business that have executed more than 200 total projects on the platform.

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How mature are CX Operations in your organization?

Focus your product strategy on what customers value most by accessing data-driven insights based on real conversations. Respond to evolving needs with speed and agility to ensure your products remain competitive.
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