Unsupervised AI for language understanding

Patent-pending technology to find semantic intents in text data without any training.

Unsupervised intent discovery

Our unsupervised AI automatically discovers intents or semantic contexts from any use case only based on your historic data. No ontologies or data labeling needed.

Intent customization

Those intents can be combined and selected for you to create a real-time classifier tailored to your needs. Intents can be related to topic, sentiment or other semantic patterns.

Real-time self-supervised classifier

Based on the intent’s language models, an automatic classification model is generated for real-time classification of every new text via API.

Connect to our technology

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Reliable and consistent

Our algorithms are updated, measured and tested across a wide variety of datasets and use cases to ensure quality.

Avg. precision
Avg. recall
Texts analyzed

Our values are present in our technology

Our AI is built upon ethics, transparency, privacy and security principles.
No data selection bias

There is no data bias in the selection and training phases, given that only the whole historical data is used as a training dataset.

Privacy of your data

We don't use data across different clients and your data can be deleted at any point in time as our semantic models are saved for classification.


We value the transparency of our results, giving users the opportunity to understand where the generated clusters are coming from and how they are created.

Security standards in our development

We use the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) as the basis for our agile secure development lifecycle.

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