Lang for CX Leadership.

A single source of truth — driving operational excellence and customer retention.

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With Lang, you can

Understand customer sentiment and needs in real-time, boosting retention.

See actionable data insights in a single pane view, driving smart decision-making.

Automate high-frequency and low-complexity agent interactions, clearing operational bottlenecks.

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Here’s the real-world impact.


An 89% reduction in ticket resolution time for the Community Care Team thanks to automated categorization, prioritization, and routing.

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At Novo.

Around 60% of inbound tickets are now automatically triaged and routed to the right agent without requiring any human intervention.

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At Petal.

A reduction of manual support volume by 26% in less than two months due to automation — exceeding the initial target of 20%.

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How mature are CX Operations in your organization?

Discover the steps to level up your CX Operations — driving operational excellence, reducing churn, and influencing product decisions to become a revenue generator.
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