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7 CX Communities to Check Out in 2022

2022 is right around the corner and looking back 2021 was quite the year for customer experience. The overall space is going through a period of rapid digital transformation and most believe that this is just the beginning. Today more Fortune 500 companies have CXOs or CCOs than ever before and in the post COVID environment CX has been elevated to one of the most important positions in any company.

In a time of rapid change it's important for CX leaders to stay on top of the current trends and ideas circulating the space. CX Communities are a great way for support professionals to exchange best practices, network, and discuss current the current state of customer support. Here are seven CX Communities with awesome content to checkout for the new year.


A go to news site for all things customer experience. CXBuzz produces great thought leadership pieces and has an awesome podcast that regularly has top innovators and leaders from the CX community on to share their perspectives and ideas. Definitely check this out if you're looking for great industry insights and the latest CX news.

Ada's Now Brands Talk Podcast

Ada, a leading AI chatbot automation platform, hosts a podcast with CX leaders on the latest trends in customer support. Podcasts are available on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn and also through Ada's Now Brands Talk Site.

Zendesk for Startups Slack Community

Zendesk has an incredibly robust startup community that is composed of CX leaders from emerging companies. This is a must join community for any startup CX leader to exchange ideas and discuss current support topics at hand. Sign up for access here.

Support Driven

Support Driven is one of the largest public CX Slack communities with over 9,000 support professionals. Support Driven is a great place to engage with other CX leaders and keep up to date with the latest trends happening within the industry.


CCW Digital is an online community that has more than 150,000 customer contact members. They put on trade shows, monthly webinars, and produce market reports and studies that capture the latest support trends. If you can be sure to checkout their Customer Contact Week events in 2022.

CX Insider

CX Insider is a podcast that positions itself as the "customer experience insights you wish you knew sooner." They have a robust collection of interviews with industry leaders and you can find their podcast on Spotify, Apple, and Google streaming platforms.

CX Accelerator

CX Accelerator is a community of CX professionals with a fantastic set of digital resources for leaders and individual contributors.

Bonus: The Lang CX Slack Community (Coming Soon!)

Lookout for our very own Slack community launching early next year!

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