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Introducing New Collaboration Features in Lang

Stephan Cizmar

Our mission at Lang is to build an intelligent end-to-end service automation platform that brings entire organizations closer to their customers. Through research and feedback from our customers we have consistently observed high performing CX and support teams becoming cross functional and a focal point for integration with other departments. In today's hyper-competitive environment, brands must address their customer needs in the most efficient and timely manner. Input from other departments and tools is often required to solve complex issues; as one of our customers said, "it is critical for teams to speak the same language when it comes to addressing and supporting customer inquiries."

Collaboration is a driving focus of our product strategy and today we're excited to announce the launch of new collaboration features and user roles to help foster better cross team/department alignment inside of the Lang platform. These features will help teams build faster on the Lang platform and share access to critical customer information and trends.

User Roles

We are releasing two new user roles inside of the Lang platform:

  • Builder: This role allows users to create tags, dashboards, and reports in the data sandbox. Users with this role can work in existing projects but won't have the ability to modify live projects or create new ones. This will empower more users to build in Lang while also ensuring that Admin users have full control of live projects.
  • Viewer: Empower CX stakeholders from other departments to access key data and insights from Lang, this feature will enable CX operations teams to bring stakeholders from other departments into the Lang platform and users with this role will have the ability to view reports and queries in Lang but not the ability to create new or modify existing reports or queries.


Instantly share Search Queries and Dashboards with other team members through a URL with our new Shareable Links feature. This, when paired with our new user roles, will help foster collaboration and faster project creation and iteration between CX and operations teams.

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