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Lang is not your ordinary AI platform. Here's how we're different.

Stephan Cizmar

"Are you sure that we can obtain that accuracy in just a few days?"

"Can you actually do this with our own data?"

"This is too good to be true!"

"Our model accuracy is declining, are you sure this won't happen with your offering?"

We've heard a lot of this lately, and what's becoming abundantly clear to us is that we should place a greater emphasis on what makes us different and how we're tackling support automation. Lang was conceptualized and designed with the business user in mind, bringing sophisticated AI to the customer support process while allowing day-to-day users to have full access and control over the models they create. Our patented technology empowers our customers with a whole new way to rapidly automate and augment their support processes with ease. We're admittedly a bit biased but here are a few reasons why Lang is worth a look even if you've been burned by bad AI in the past.

Implementation is a breeze - our customers go live in a matter of days, not weeks or months

We are well aware that implementing AI platforms is often a painful and manual process requiring a lot of time and effort from CX and operations teams. This is why we took a completely different approach when building our platform and AI. Our AI starts clustering and tagging data as soon as your system of record (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc) is connected, requiring as few as 1,000 historical tickets to started. Our patented technology is completely unique and proprietary, in that we do not rely on conventional open source models, nor do our algorithms require training to get started. Intelligent Templates help further reduce implementation time and burden for our customers by providing pre-configured data models tailored to specific industries and we're consistently able to have customers live with high ticket coverage within under a week.

Easy maintenance for high accuracy. Lang's no code platform was built for business users

Launching a new product? Conducting a recall? Running a new promotion? No problem! You can create new product tags in minutes with Lang. We hear that some of the other AI offerings have their model accuracy decrease over time due to changes in customer behavior or new product launches. Often it takes a lot of additional manual training to update existing models to align to changes within your business. With Lang's no code platform, users can create new tags in minutes and our intelligent system recommends similar concepts and groupings; this all makes maintenance quick and simple and ensures that our AI is always up to date with your specific business needs.

Our AI is language-agnostic

Our technology is completely language-agnostic, meaning that Lang tags can be structured in any language and requires no additional training to add new languages!

We are focused on delivering a value trifecta through Automation, Elevate, and Optimize

There are three core, fundamental values that we work into our product strategy and development, each focused on delivering efficiency into our customer's CX processes.

  1. Automate tedious and administrative agent tasks so that they can spend more time focusing on specific customer needs. Our escalation and workflow functionality also helps automate the process of bringing key stakeholders like Marketing, Product Ops, and Compliance all closer to the customer.
  2. Elevate agent productivity to better address customer needs and find answers faster to support related issues. Our agent assist provides customer support representatives with instructions and assistance for common complex issues, this means less time on fact finding and more time for insightful and detailed conversations with customers.
  3. Optimize support processes by generating valuable and actionable data that improves the overall customer experience. Our detailed reporting capabilities provide support leaders with insights as to why common issues are growing and how current tags are trending over time. Dashboards empower operations teams to identify opportunities for process and content optimization with Lang’s robust analytics functionality.

All three of the values start with an accurate and centralized data structure which we provide to our customers in a rapid fashion.

Lang Empowers CX and Operations teams to succeed

Lang is not your traditional AI support tool. We're an end-to-end support automation platform that is purpose-built for CX teams to streamline and enhance their customer support processes. We've helped customers like Rue Gilt Groupe, Hippo Insurance, Freshly, and Petal automate their support processes and improve the overall level of support that they deliver to their customers. To see Lang in action, request a demo today.

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