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Introducing Intelligent Templates!

Stephan Cizmar

Getting started on Lang is now easier and faster than ever!

Here at Lang, customer feedback is the lifeblood for innovation, and after countless conversations and processing the data sets of dozens of customers across multiple industries we are proud to release a new Intelligent Templates feature inside the Lang platform for eCommerce, FinTech, and SaaS companies. Whether you're a Series A startup that is just starting to scale your support processes in Zendesk, or a public company struggling to manage your ticket backlog, our Intelligent Templates can get you started in minutes by leveraging pre-configured data models to jumpstart your tagging taxonomy and drive efficiency in your customer support processes.

These templates are designed for common industry use cases that we've observed across our eCommerce, FinTech, and SaaS customers and they can rapidly get you coverage on 20% to 30% of your tickets, freeing up time to focus on customizing your tags around your specific business that will lead to maximum coverage. Ramp, an emerging startup disrupting the corporate card, was able to set up a foundation for new ticket tags related to credit card processes with categories like lost cards, shipping status, and address updates within the first day of implementing the FinTech template.

"Thanks to the Lang FinTech template we were able to jump start our implementation and have relevant Fintech ticket categories to best address our customer needs from day one" said Walker Nordin, Support Ops Specialist at Ramp.

With Lang's Intelligent Templates, eCommerce and FinTech companies of all sizes can realize:

  • Accelerated implementation: Launch your foundational tagging taxonomy in minutes with up to 30% of tickets covered from the start. This saves time on the basics and allows support leaders to obtain a higher ticket coverage faster.
  • Intelligent recommendations for data optimization: Templates adapt to your data and surface recommendations for tag refinement making maintenance a breeze. CX leaders can focus on customizing Lang to their specific business nuances based on the template suggestions.
  • Rapid backlog categorization: Instantly understand the share of backlog tickets that can be handled by self-service, this will open up additional opportunities for ticket deflection and optimization within your support process.
  • Reduce case resolution times: Empower your support team to focus on the customer while Lang handles the tedious work of ticket tagging and routing, saving significant time and resources.
  • Automatically route tickets to the right level of support: Create dynamic workflows based on template tags that ensure that incoming tickets are tagged and sent to the right level of support to best address their issue.

"It is critical for our customers to realize value as fast as possible since support ticket volumes are growing at an unprecedented pace" said Jorge Penalva, Lang CEO. "With our patented AI we are intently focused on ensuring that our customers drive the most efficient processes into their support approaches and we see Intelligent Templates as the first of many steps towards empowering CX leaders to achieve their service automation goals."

Template Descriptions by Industry


Online transactions have doubled since 2017 and with more sales come more support tickets. Today, most eCommerce support teams are struggling to keep up with this new consumer demand, and in this rapidly accelerating environment, optimizing your support processes is critical to getting ahead. A result of deep analysis of our own data, the Lang eCommerce template is designed for eCommerce support teams to focus on the most strategic cases while our tags handle workflows, routing, and responses for low-hanging fruit contact reasons. The template contains pre-configured tags for order management, address updates, and returns; all critical categories that have surged since the start of the pandemic.


The FinTech space is one of the hottest markets within venture capital with FinTech companies on pace to break 2020's fundraising record. With companies scaling faster than ever, it is crucial that they focus on differentiating with their approach to customer support. The Lang FinTech template is designed to help organizations grow and optimize their support processes; through customer feedback and analysis of our own data, we created the FinTech template to help rapidly growing FinTechs optimize their customer focus and ensure that their SLAs are being met and their operational efficiency is maximized. The template contains standardized tags for tickets containing common card issues, address updates, and account requests, all of which were observed across our FinTech customer base and identified as critical for addressing rapidly growing ticket volumes.


Customer support is a mission-critical function for high-growth software companies and in today's ultra-competitive environment companies have to prioritize their customer just to survive. The Lang SaaS template is designed to capture key issue categories and empower teams to focus on the most strategic customer needs. Through careful analysis of our data we were able to pull out consistent trends that the majority of support teams within high growth SaaS companies are dealing with, the template contains standardized tags for login, password, and payment related requests all of which are foundational to a strong support process.

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