Back to Blog and Bugcrowd: A Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Security

Fernando Agüero is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Bugcrowd, a crowdsourced security platform, to improve its security posture. This partnership brings a range of advantages to, including access to Bugcrowd's expert security researchers who can help identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Security is a priority for A robust security posture helps protect our customers and employees from malicious attacks. By leveraging Bugcrowd's expertise, we can identify and address security vulnerabilities more quickly and effectively.

About Bugcrowd

Bugcrowd is the world's leading crowdsourced security platform, helping organizations manage their security risks with the help of a network of over 80,000 security researchers. Through this partnership, gains access to the expertise of these researchers who can help identify and resolve security vulnerabilities.

Improved Vulnerability Submissions

Bugcrowd's researchers have expertise in multiple security domains and are adept at finding and reporting security vulnerabilities. With the introduction of's Vulnerability Disclosure policy, researchers can now submit vulnerabilities to's security team in a secure and responsible way.

Increased Visibility

The partnership with Bugcrowd also gives increased visibility across the security community. This helps reach out to more experienced and knowledgeable security researchers, who can help the company find and patch any existing security vulnerabilities.


The partnership between and Bugcrowd is a major milestone in's journey towards improving its security posture. With access to Bugcrowd's expert security researchers and the introduction of its Vulnerability Disclosure policy, is now in a better position to identify and resolve any security vulnerabilities.

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