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We’ve raised $10.5M series A to help teams turn conversations into insights and automation!

Jorge Peñalva

I’m happy to announce that Lang has raised a $10.5M Series A led by Nava Ventures, with participation from a number of new and existing investors. 

Participants include Oceans Ventures, Forum, Flexport Fund, as well as industry leaders Mike Murchison (CEO of Ada), Joaquim Lecha (CEO of Typeform), Javier Mata (CEO of Yalo), and senior engineering and sales leaders at pioneering AI-based companies including Google, Weights & Biases, Looker, and Ocrolus.

First and foremost, thank you to the Lang team members who have put their faith and effort into helping us to this point. And to our customers, thank you for trusting us to help and deal with your most important asset—your own customers.

This is just a small milestone in a long road ahead.

The Inception of

When I think back to how I arrived in San Francisco a few years ago—with only a carry-on bag and some crazy dreams—it’s humbling to be able to celebrate this milestone and see how much we have accomplished. 

At the inception of this company, we identified a problem and realized we had to think about it in a completely different way. Our goal was to find a way to make AI consumable for non-technical people to categorize qualitative data. 

Our approach, however, was what needed to be different. It was not to apply current AI models (built for, and by, engineers) and simplify them for business users, but instead to create a no-code platform intended for business users. We were relentless in finding a way to make this a reality.

Soon enough, it was a reality.

Progress happens gradually, then suddenly. When I look to the future and the opportunity ahead, I am grateful to be able to have the capital and the partners to execute our vision, and I am beyond excited to keep building with this great team, with the group of customers we have assembled, and the ones that are yet to come.

The Lang Vision

AI is a revolutionary step for humanity that, today, is controlled only by a few companies and engineering individuals. With this funding, Lang is going to keep doing more of what we’ve been doing: empowering non-technical people to benefit from the power of AI. 

As I write these words, I feel uncertain about the current times that we’re living. While I’m not the one to predict what’s going to happen in the world, I am 100% convinced that the companies that will win in this market will be the ones that relentlessly focus on their customers, listening and solving their problems as quickly as possible, both from a CX and product perspective.

Starting with their own data, companies can become more efficient and focus on the customer, while at the same time driving deeper analytics that lead to retention—in turn, transforming CX from a Cost Center into a Revenue Driver. 

This is how companies will out-compete other players in their space. It’s also why CX leaders will be amongst the most important positions for future market leaders.

In the same way that Marketing and Sales professionals have become data-driven leaders, it’s now time for CX to do the same.

We’ve closely observed this in our own customers, some of the fastest growing companies in the world. 

Helping Ramp Understand Customers as They Scale

Take Ramp for example—their product team leverages Lang to understand what customers are saying about their beta launches and use that to ship new iterations faster. 

They’ve been doing this while massively scaling their business over the past year. How? By setting up the proper function-specific AI and automation that allows them to maintain an operational mindset instead of throwing more people at the problem. 

Powering Pair Eyewear's CX Insights

We’ve also seen it with Pair Eyewear. Their head of CX presents relevant CX insights and updates to their founders each week so that they can act and adapt quickly. 

Their data structure and automation allows them to act more proactively and spend more time improving the experience of customers.

What’s Next for Our Team?

We get very energized, inspired, and motivated by our community of customers. This new round of funding will allow us to continue our relentless pursuit in three major areas of the business:

  • Listening to our customers (and executing on our product Roadmap). We truly believe that data is the cornerstone of every CX initiative. By helping our customers understand their data faster than ever, we are unlocking initiatives for them that weren’t previously possible. What’s exciting is that we are discovering these initiatives together with our customers. We’re identifying new automation and revenue opportunities through data, allowing CX leaders to be at the forefront of their organization.

  • Expanding our Go To Market to be able to reach more customers and connect to whatever help desk platform (or other tools) they are using. We want to be there for every company that is scaling, that shares our bias for action and wants to scale CX in an efficient, technological way. We want to be a major driver of impact for CX leaders within their organizations.
  • Scaling a fast-acting, pragmatic team with the empathy, curiosity and the sense of ownership that have gotten us to where we are today. We take pride in the fact that 40% of our global team are immigrants or first-generation immigrants. Grit, relentlessness, and curiosity are critical for our team’s success and why we believe immigrants are a great driver of our culture.

Join the Journey

All in all, with the right team in place, the pieces tend to fall as they should. From our internal Lang team to each and every investor, it is crucial for us to align on our vision and approach that vision as a collective.

When I shared the news to the team last week in our company all-hands meeting, one member of the team stated the following about Manish Patel, from our lead investor, Nava:

“I love hearing him talk about Lang, I can tell why you picked him. He's one of us. Hearing about how culture fit is a priority for them was amazing.”

This is why we’re so excited to have Nava as part of this ride and to have Manish Patel as a board member. He truly is “one of us.” He‘s aligned with our vision and we understand each other well—ultimately, that’s what breeds success, and I can’t wait to see what we achieve together in the years to come.

If you are aligned with the opportunity, our plan and our values, please reach out! Whether you are a company or a candidate, we’d love to chat. We’re hiring engineers in Spain and Account Executives and a few other business roles for the US!

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