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The current state of AI in CX

Jorge Peñalva

A conversation with the Zendesk for startups community

AI is transforming industries and we keep hearing about the digital transformation of Enterprise companies. How are high-growth startups using it in the CX space? In this article, we are making public a private conversation in the Zendesk for Startups community where Ben Segal, Associate Director of Infrastructural Efficiency at Freshly shared “the stage” with me (Jorge Peñalva, CEO of

“The stage” is quoted because the community is a Slack-first community where all conversations happen in Slack so people in the community can ask questions during the live conversation or consume it offline. You can join the community here!

The topic of our conversation that happened on September 3rd

Top questions in the Q&A

We’re actually sharing here the content so that you get a chance to learn from our experience for years working in the space. If you want to access all these conversations live, join the Zendesk for Startups community by connecting with Greg.

About the speakers

RPA for customer service

Best practices for routing requests to the Helpcenter

What is NLP and what are its applications for CX

Automatic ticket tagging in Zendesk

When should startups start tagging?

How to evaluate AI vendors. Sometimes AI doesn’t work as expected!

Side chat: Deflection when using AI tools

Some super interesting conversations in the Q&A happened at side chats and threads like the following ones:

Side chat: AI tools for small teams

Side chat: The experience with bots

This was a creative way of bringing the Slack conversation into Medium but, of course, the experience is way better by joining the community.
Join the conversation on Startup Central.

Thanks, Ben Segal and Zendesk for Startups for letting me share the content here!

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