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Top 3 Groups outside of CX that benefit from CX Insights

Brianna Reedy

CX insights are important for informing decisions like staffing, training, and even customer education, but have you ever thought about how those contact reasons and feedback from customers can inform other departments?

Here are the three teams that have the opportunity to benefit from customer data:

  1. Product - While Product teams may have focus groups or beta testing to get unbiased feedback while preparing for a launch, feedback post launch is just as important. Oftentimes customers will provide feedback on new features or deliverables via support channels. By surfacing this data, product teams can react faster to feedback and get a better understanding of the customer POV to influence future offerings. 
  2. Marketing - Industry research and marketing tools provide some feedback, but seeing how different customers talk to support about different issues or purchases can lead to better informed messaging. In addition, happy moment quotes can be found in customer contacts that could serve as candidates for brand ambassadors or quotes for advertisements.
  3. Finance - Having visibility on customer talking points can highly impact budgets. For example, if customers are consistently complaining about an offering and it’s resulting in compensation, funds should be allocated to teams to address those concerns. Finance teams even have the opportunity to be proactive by listening for feedback regarding future new opportunities that may not be worth investing in if there is a lack of chatter - no need to build an app if no one is asking for one!

The problem is, most of this data is often housed in tools like a ticketing system, where outside departments don’t typically have access due to PII and security measures. Even the reports that can be found in data visualization tools can be so high level that the VOC perspective you’re getting feels like a game of telephone. 

To solve for this, give your team access to tools like Lang, where everyone can hear feedback and thoughts directly from your customers, without needing to be a data analyst or an engineer to surface the commentary. Using data directly from your customers to fuel your business increases your chances of providing exactly what consumers are asking you for, setting you up for success.

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