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Welcoming Logan Childers, Lead Sales Engineer, to Lang!

Logan brings extensive product, operations, and sales engineering experience to Lang’s revenue team from his time spent at notable companies like Flexport, Unqork, and Postscript. We’re so excited to welcome Logan as our first sales engineering hire!

Describe your role at Lang.

I help create value for potential clients during the sales process. I support Account Executives in shaping a vision for how Lang can structure their data and provide insights to CX, Operations, Product, and Marketing teams. My role is unique from day to day as I partner with potential customers to design technical solutions to solve their pain points. It’s exciting to constantly demonstrate Lang’s value for customers and have their use cases expand Lang’s product into new areas of opportunity.

How would you describe your experience working with support/CX functions as someone who has worked across product, operations, and sales roles throughout your career?

Support/CX functions hold untapped data. Being on the front lines, support teams have the best pulse on customers and overall product experience. For example, they can tell you if a feature rollout was successful or common UX challenges that frustrate customers. As a result, it’s important to be a unified team with your support/CX function. You equip them with information (roadmaps, product release information, etc) and they provide invaluable customer insights in return. That cycle should continue as you integrate those insights into the roadmap, deliver them out to customers, and are always on the lookout for new ways to delight customers.

What do you see happening in the customer support space right now and what do you hope to see in the future?

Superior customer support has always been a competitive advantage for brands, and has become even more important as consumers are facing uncertain economic conditions. People are exercising more discretion on where they spend their money and are more likely to use a product/service that treats them well. Empathetic, accessible, and personalized customer support is a must to retain loyal customers. It’s important to automate simple tasks to allow the CX team to focus on those meaningful customer interactions with the highest reward and customer retention.

In addition, the industry is experiencing a trend towards meeting customers where they are. Prefer to chat? Call? Email? Video chat? No problem. A modern CX tech stack includes many tools that are convenient for customers but a headache for businesses to standardize, maintain, and extract insights. As businesses focus on making CX accessible, it’s more important than ever to invest in a service data platform.

Why did you join Lang? What spoke to you about our culture, product, and people?

The people, product, and potential at Lang are second to none. Every team member is brilliant yet humble and collaborative. Even though I’ve only been here for two weeks, interactions with everyone on the team feel like friendships that formed long ago. When you have good people surrounded by a great culture, it shows in the product and outcomes. The potential for Lang is huge.

What are your impressions of the product and sales motion so far?

I wish I had Lang in my previous roles! The product makes AI approachable and allows for a deeper understanding and better usage of your customer data. Because of my Product Operations background, I especially love the auto-generated dashboards. The visualizations make it easy to gain insights into the evolution of customer insights over time and any potential product enhancements. 

From the sales side, demoing Lang is a pleasure…the platform practically shows itself. There’s nothing quite like seeing a prospect realize the power of the platform. This is what makes our customer base so amazing - creative people harnessing the power of the platform with great success. 

What are some lessons you’ve learned from your experiences in helping grow companies through hyper scaling phases? What are you looking to bring to Lang as an emerging leader?

It’s a common joke at startups when someone is there for a few months they’re referred to as a “veteran” of the company by new joiners. While it’s a little tongue-in-cheek, it carries a lot of truth. Startups move quickly, and you have to be able to adapt. When creating anything, such as a new sales engineering function, it’s important to define what success looks like in the short, medium, and long term. This segmentation allows you to extract maximum value with little effort in the short term. Never let perfect be the enemy of good when creating something new. Then, as the business grows, you can reevaluate your approach and make adjustments to continuously move towards the strategic mid & long-term visions.

What goals do you hope to achieve as you build out Lang’s sales engineering function?

I want to create an empathetic technical sales process where potential customers feel empowered and excited about the value they can extract from their data with Lang. Customer needs will help define my roadmap as I’m constantly searching for the best approaches for their problems. We will continue to brainstorm creative solutions to pain points and expand Lang’s value proposition as CX needs evolve. 

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